Beijing Worldboson International Business Exhibition Co., Ltd. has an excellent professional staff team, adhering to the spirit of "integrity, vitality, efficiency and care", providing comprehensive exhibition services for domestic and overseas manufacturers, and further promoting domestic and global enterprises. Trade and exchange, the main business is to independently plan, develop, organize and undertake various international professional exhibitions and conferences, and provide exhibition engineering, exhibition hall management, exhibit transportation and related trade, tourism and exhibition information consultation for customers at home and abroad. The most professional magazines in various industries in the world, such as investment promotion and distribution.    To build the largest overseas exhibition and business inspection organization team in China, and to help the company to participate in the world's major exhibitions with high quality and efficient QQ瀏覽器截圖20190829114004.pngservices.To date, Ward Bosen has organized more than 500 internationally renowned professional exhibitions: entertainment industry, aluminum industry, medical, building materials, sports and leisure, gifts, toys, office supplies, measurement and mapping, food, security, and fire protection. Hardware, bathroom, automobile and motorcycle parts, household appliances, machinery, musical instruments and IT and many other industries.       According to the development needs of the company, we have established close cooperation and agency relationships with many international famous exposition institutions in Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Brazil, the Middle East, Russia, South Africa and other countries and regions, and have rich overseas hotel resources. It has broadened the channels of trade and cooperation for enterprises to enter the international market.

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